Distribution (Channel management)

Real time & updated availability is a key for more happy customers.


Have you ever experienced a situation when you sold more rooms than you had available?

The ideal tool to prevent situations like this is to have a channel management.

ResMaster can connect you with more than 300 distribution channels.


  1. You save a lot of time - no need to update all your channels manually. All is done in one system

  2. You are in full control of the sales in real time. If you sell the last available room, all channels will be closed automatically.

  3. Discounts can be displayed on the property's own site, which will not appear on other sales channels. You can set a different / lower price to display on your own website than for other channels that ResMaster updates through the channel manager.

Another Sales and Marketing channel is Google Hotel Ads – find out how you could display your rooms and rates here.

Additionaly, if you have a Facebook business site for your property - the booking engine can be also implemented here.

ResMaster - Channel Management