Your key for turning a mere visit to a hotel website into a booking

  • Incorporation into a hotel website
  • Dynamic displaying of prices and room availability
  • Online bookings
  • Optimized for mobile OSs
  • 8 language versions

Easy orientation

ResMaster works on the same principleas large OTAs, that is, it is an environment to which your client is used and in which he can easily find his way around.


ResMaster combines prices and the conditions of their validity in order to find the best price for a client.


Distribution channels

ResMaster offers full XML connectivity with the portal! In addition, it offers the option of online bookings via Tripadvisor as well as integration in the social network Facebook.

More Tripadvisor Facebook

Channel management

ResMaster offers the option of managing prices and hotel capacity available for sale via the largest channel managers, namely Rate Tiger and Travel Click.

More Rate Tiger Travel Click
The web booking engine ResMaster

effective, fast and easy-to-use

The web booking engine ResMaster was developed by hotel managers for hotel managers. Tens of thousands of bookings since 2005 via our system have allowed us to optimize its functions and structure so that it can best combine the requirements of clients and the needs of hotel managers.

Solutions and services

What we offer


A section for clients

A trial version Try to make a trial booking in the way your client will do it.
A trial version for mobile operating systems Try to make a trial booking in the way your client will do it on his smart phone or a tablet computer.
Take a look at a real implementation of the web booking engine ResMaster on the web pages of the hotel Start in Špindlerův Mlýn.
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Extranet for hotels

A trial version of the web booking engine ResMaster environment for hotel managers. Please contact our manager and ask him to set up your user profile so that you can try out the system.
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Integration in the social network Facebook
Making bookings via Tripadvisor *It requires the ability to manage CPC campaigns within extranet
A unique algorithm for combining a price and the condition of its validity